Reno Field's Status Update (11/15/2021)

All Reno Youth Sports fields are now closed for the winter season

Reno Field's Status Update (12/15/2020)

The following fields have had changes to their RYSA status or will be changing very soon. Please take a look:

Governor's Bowl:

It is no longer a park and has been removed from our RYSA field list.

O'Brien Middle School Fields:

Will be closed until 2023 pending the construction of the new middle school complex by WCSD.

Cyan Park:

Will open for RYSA use sometime in spring 2021. The date depends on weather conditions and turnover of the site from the contractor to the city. The field will not open for RYSA use on March 1; Best guess is that it will open some time in April, after the contractor starts up the irrigation and the field comes out of dormancy. The delay is necessary for warranty issues.

Reno Fields Status Update (08/05/2020)

Here is the latest information we have from Nevada COVID Task Force and current restrictions related to outdoor sports:

1. Youth and Adult sports remain limited to non-contact PRACTICE ONLY. No games or scrimmages are allowed. Field use remains capped at 50 persons maximum and all Phase 2 social distancing and mask requirements remain in effect.

2. No tournaments of any type will be permitted by the State. The State has started cracking down on violators and pulling business licenses and permits of those offending organizations.

3. We have been informed that these restrictions could possibly remain in effect for the rest of 2020.

4. Fall field permits, once issued by RYSA, will be valid through November 1, 2020 unless other state mandated restrictions occur.

Washoe County School District fields remain closed at this time.

Reopening Fields- City of Reno Fields reopen Saturday, June 13 (06/11/2020)

Reno's park fields will open on Saturday, June 13 for practice only for those leagues with valid RYSA spring 2020 permits, the fields will remain open until July 31, 2020.  RYSA member leagues must still provide their safety plan before being allowed to use the fields. Fall permits will become effective August 1, 2020, once issued by RYSA.


WCSD as of yet has not reopened joint use school sites, so their facilities (listed below) remain closed pending further guidance from Washoe County School District.


Jessie Beck 


Rita Cannon

Clayton (Northwest Park - but all fields are WCSD property) 

Roger Corbett



Glen Duncan

Echo Loder 

Bernice Matthews


Pine (Jamaica field is open)

Silver Lake




Grace Warner

George Westergard

RYSA Field Update ACTION REQUIRED (05/30/2020)


Updated information received from the Governor's Office - fields will remain closed through Phase 2 (see page 7 of the attachment Roadmap to Recovery). However, in anticipation of reopening fields in Phase 3, please continue to work on and submitting your COVID-19 safety plan.

The school district has already decided that all school fields will remain closed through June, so in the interest of fairness across all leagues, City park fields will also remain closed through June. Actual opening will depend on whether the Governor includes fields in Phase 3.

Thanks for your patience.


Jeff Mann

Parks Manager

Reno Park Maintenance

(775) 334-2270

2055 Idlewild Dr. Reno, NV 89509

Field Work Days CANCELLED - Effective Immediately (03/27/2020)



Parks & Rec has been given direction to CANCEL all field work days as a result of the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration.  This is effective immediately and remains in effect indefinitely.  See below from the Governor's Office.  Even though family/household members are excluded from the provision below for gatherings in parks, this exception DOES NOT APPLY to field work days.  Out of an abundance of caution, ALL work days are cancelled.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Excerpt from the Governor's Emergency Declaration:

  SECTION 1: The Nevada general public shall not gather in groups of ten or more in any indoor or
outdoor area, whether publicly owned or privately owned where the public has access
by right or invitation, express or implied, whether by payment of money or not,
including without limitation, parks, basketball courts, volleyball courts, baseball fields,
football fields, rivers, lakes, beaches, streets, convention centers, libraries, parking lots,
and private clubs. This provision shall not be construed to apply to the gathering of
persons living within the same household, or persons working at or patronizing
Essential Licensed Businesses or providing essential services to the public.



Jeff Mann

Parks Manager

Reno Park Maintenance

(775) 334-2270

2055 Idlewild Dr. Reno, NV 89509

Update: Reno Park and School Fields (03/19/2020)

All sites remain closed.  Adhering to the Governor's 30-day closure notice, fields will open no earlier than April 18, 2020.  That date may be extended depending on future conditions.


Park staff continues to work through this emergency since parks require ongoing maintenance.   To take advantage of this unfortunate situation, we will start some field work earlier than normal when weather permits.  We hope to start aerating next week, followed by fertilizing, and also overseeding in select parks.  We will also do some sod replacement in select areas as time and weather allows.  Normal field mowing will start when conditions dictate.


Some leagues have asked about doing work on their fields during this period.  You may do so, provided that you follow social distancing guidelines and have no more than 10 people on site.  League-use only restrooms are closed, but general park restrooms are open.


Please follow all CDC guidelines for social distancing to protect yourselves, family, friends and our community.


Jeff Mann

Parks Manager

Reno Park Maintenance

(775) 334-2270

2055 Idlewild Dr. Reno, NV 89509

All Reno Park and School Fields are CLOSED until further notice (03/15/2020)

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) emergency, all Reno Park and School fields are closed effective immediately.  They will remain closed until further notice.  Please check the City's COVID-19 web page for additional information regarding city closures. 



Jeff Mann

Parks Manager

Reno Park Maintenance

(775) 334-2270

2055 Idlewild Dr. Reno, NV 89509